Life Coaching

Life coaching is for private individuals who wish to reach meaningful goals, and unleash their potential for personal fulfillment. Life coaching can help foster change, overcome challenges, gain clarity when making important decisions, and embrace a new path in life.

The coach assists individuals on their journey through life’s transitions, putting forward the coachee’s potential and personal values to acquire new habits in order to reach personal fulfillment. Some of the main tools and concepts we use are emotional intelligence, positive psychology, forgiveness and mindfulness.


“You’ve been the trampoline of my life. You gave me the impulse and energy to realize what I wanted to do for so many years” E.B.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world”  Ghandi

Career Coaching and Work-Life Balance

Career coaching is a process that focuses on the career of the individual. Quite often it implies the essential balance between professional and personal life. It actively contributes to enhance harmony throughout the different aereas of the coachee’s life.  

We are convinced that both personal and professional development is the most effective way for people to reach new and ambitious objectives. Building awareness, responsibility, and self-respect through effective coaching and/or training helps people grow, maximize their own potential, and fully contribute to success.


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